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Palmer Lifeways is a Waldorf-inspired preschool in Palmer, Alaska.

The Lifeways Philosophy

     The first thing you will notice when you walk into a LifeWays Early Childhood setting is that it looks and feels like home. That is because, in concurrence with current brain research and years of working with young children in other learning environments, we realize the best environment for the young child is a “home” environment. All types of tools needed for learning in the years ahead are provided in this type of setting with activities that focus on daily living, exploring and play.

     What is happening when a child helps a caregiver fold the laundry, bake muffins or plant a garden? Measuring, counting, following directions, nutrition, sorting, color recognition, the process of following a task through to completion, and language skills, just to name a few.

     The infants and toddles are also preparing for a lifetime of learning when their natural explorations are not interfered with and they are given freedom of movement to truly discover themselves.

     The institutionalization of childcare is what we are trying to change. At LifeWays we strive to create environments in which children feel secure and soothed, yet appropriately stimulated. Learning how to create such environments is part of the LifeWays training for caregivers and parents, which our caregivers are encouraged to complete.

     It is important to us that, together with you, we form a partnership of care for your family. We look forward to building that partnership through our daily exchanges, our parent caregiver meetings, and through our shared interest in your children. Please feel free to talk to any of the staff at any time about ideas, questions or concerns you have about your child.


-Lori Berrigan and the staff of Palmer LifeWays