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For July 5th through the 8th we will have Painting Camp.  Ms. Katie will be planning the painting camp with many different mediums to explore. 

On July 11th we will start Fiber Arts Camp.  We will be making beautiful wool flowers and weaving to make yarn trees.


I love watching the colors the children choose for their flowers.  This project is so wonderful for their development in so many ways.  The children love to roll the soapy balls of wool and create the flowers.  At the end of the craft we cut the balls open to reveal what color is inside.  In this project the children have to keep rolling to get a good end result.

Woodworking Camp starts on the 18th and Mr. Craig has some fun projects lined up.




Woodworking Camp is a great way for the children to practice their will development.  They use their hands to work the wood with sandpaper and then as they finish they are able to use a beeswax finish to make the wood shine with a warm glow. 

The week of July 25th is Fairy Gnome Camp.  We will continue with our circle Hey Diddle Diddle and our story about Mr.Jeremy Fisher the frog and his friends Mr Aldermen Ptulemy Tortoise and Sir Isaac Newton.  The children love that Mr. Jeremy Fisher has a butterfly sandwich for his lunch and that a trout spits him out because it doesn’t like the the taste of his Macintosh!