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Our first summer camp starts May 31st and ends June 3rd.  Gardening Camp is a favorite for everyone. We are planting potatoes, greens, and carrots from seed. The vegetables and flowers the children started inside are growing quickly and will be planted outside during Garden Camp. We are singing songs about spring and planting.


We are building a beautiful herb and flower spiral.  We have also added two new garden beds in the children’s play yard.



We had a lot of soil and rocks to move and the children had a great time helping to move everything into place.



After we had everything in place we planted cilantro, African marigolds, borage and calendula.

Starting June 6 we will be doing Craft Camp.  Going along with our summer garden theme the children will be making robins in their nests, butterflies and caterpillars

Adventure camp starts Jun 13 and we will be adventuring. We plan on visiting the Sherrod elementary playground, Mat Su River Park, our beautiful little Dolphin Park, the wild land firefighters and Friday Fling.





Teddy Bear Picnic Camp starts on June 20th and we have a new bear pattern for the children to sew. 





During the last week in June we have Theater Camp from the 27th to July 1st.  The children love acting out the story and this summer they will be acting out Full Moon Fairy Ring, found in the Old Gnomes Adventures book.  The children practice very hard so make sure you come to see their production.