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Enrollment Procedures

Note: Current families may enroll for summer sessions now. New families may enroll beginning June 15, 2020.

After the initial call or email and a center visit, parents submit the enrollment application form with the registration fee. This is followed by an interview with a caregiver, the parents and the child. Parents are given the Parent Handbook to take home and read and get back with any questions. When the caregivers and parents assess that the center can meet the needs of their child and family, then the parents return all paper work including

  • Yearly enrollment fee of $125.00 – due when signing up or each August
  • A signed statement that the Parent Handbook has been read
  • An agreement to attend required parent-caregiver meetings
  • Medical alert form and history
  • Emergency cards
  • Immunization record or waiver
  • Any required school transportation forms
  • Any other required forms for the child’s file

When the enrollment fee and all completed forms have been received, your child will be considered enrolled. Palmer LifeWays serves up to 40 children ages 6 weeks to 12 years of age. “In-service” care will be available for school age children. Limited spots will be available and children must be signed up in advance.

Infants and Toddlers Admissions

In addition to meeting the staff, parents of infants and toddlers will create an Infant/Toddler schedule that includes the following:

  • Schedule of meals and feeding
  • Types of food introduced and timetable for new foods
  • Toileting and diapering procedures
  • Sleep and nap schedule
  • The child’s way of communicating and being comforted
  • Developmental and health history

Pricing Information


Part Time – Up to 5 hours (Morning or Afternoon only)
Full Day – Over 5 hours
*A minimum of a part-time day will be billed.

12 weeks to 18 months

Part Time – $475.00
Full Time – $925.00

Daily Rate:
Part Time – $27.00
Full Time – $52.50

Toddler Room – 18 months until they move to preschool room

Part Time – $468.00
Full Time – $900.00

Daily Rate:
Part Time – $27.00
Full Time – $52.50

Preschool Room – Age 3 by September 1st – Kindergarten

Part Time – $445.00
Full Time – $815.00

Daily Rate:
Part Time – $26.00
Full Time – $48.00

1st grade to 12 years

Part Time – $430.00
Full Time – $765.00

Daily Rate:
Part Time – $24.00
Full Time – $43.00

Full time and part time rates are based on a full year schedule.  Palmer LifeWays offers care 7:00am to 5:30pm year-round.  The hourly cost for full time infants is $4.34 an hour.  The hourly cost for full time preschool is $4.20 an hour.  The monthly rates are not prorated based on the number of days in each month, but are averaged out for the year. 




Please note that 4 and 2 day preschool are tuition based. The total cost for 35 weeks for the 2020-2021 school year is:

4 Day – $3500.00
2 Day – $1750.00

Preschool dates are August 31st, 2020 – May 20th, 2021

There is no preschool over

Christmas Break (2 weeks) – December 21st, 2020– January 1st, 2021

Spring Break – March 8th to 12th, 2021.  

Parent Resource Library

Palmer LifeWays has a Parent Resource Library for LifeWays families. These books and materials are available to check out. The Library is located by the front desk. Please talk to staff if you see something you would like to check out.
365 Foods that Kids love to EatEllison, Sheila; Craig, Judith
Painting with ChildrenMuller, Brunhild
365 TV-Free ActivitiesBennett, Steve and Ruth
A Day Full of SongLonsky, Karen
A Day Full of SongLonsky, Karen
A Journey Through Waldorf Homeschooling KindergartenNielsen, Melisa
A Real BoyAdams, Christina
Alaska Gardening (Vol 1 & 2)Leiser, Wayne
Another OfferingParker, Tina
Art of EducationWilliams, Lawrence
Before the JourneyNielson, Melisa
Between Form and FreedomStaley, Betty
Beyond the Rainbow BridgePatterson, Barbara
Birth of VenusWhitehead, Alan
Brothers and SistersKonig, Karl
Chalkboard DrawingsParks, Renee
Child's Play 1 & 2Haren, Wilvan; Kischnick, Ruldof
Childhood Falls SilentPatzlaff, Rainer
Children's Party BookThomas, Anne and Peter
Chinese Jump RopeJohnson, Anne
Choosing, planting, cultivating herbsBack, Philippa
Chorus of ColorsWhitehead, Alan
Coaching Team Sports in Waldorf SchoolStark, Dean
Controlling Garden WeedsBarbara Pleasant
Cradle of a Healthy LifeStee Mans, Johanna
Creating ConnectionWeber, Lewis
Creative Play for Your BabyClouder, Christopher and Nicol, Janni
Creative Play for Your ToddlerClouder, Christopher and Nicol, Janni
Difficult Child (The)Turecki, Stanley
Doctor Mom'sDuerr, Kathy
Food Allergies Made SimpleAustin, Phylis; Thrash M.D., Agatha; Thrash M.D., Calvin
Gardening in AlaskaLeiser, Wayne
Gardening with Young ChildrenLockie, Beatrys
Genius of Natural PlayGoddard-Blythe, Sally
Ghosts from the NurseryKatt-Morse, Robin
Glaciers x 3Smith, Alexis
Good to Great & Social SectorsCollins, Jim
Grail of BeautyWhitehead, Alan
Growing an In-Sync ChildKranowitz, Carol
Hathor the Moon CowWhitehead, Alan
Healing Stories for Challenging BehaviorPerrow, Susan
Healthy Cooking for KidsNull, Shelby
Heaven on EarthOppenheimer, Sharif
Helping Children Overcome FearEvans, Russell
HerbCraftSchafer, Violet
Home Away from HomeAldinger, Cynthia
home Away from HomeAldinger, Cynthia
House Keeping x 2Robinson, Marilynne
Human Being and the Animal WorldWilkinson, Roy
Journey of the "I" into LIFELectures from 2012
Kids KnittingFalick, Melanie
Learning about the World Through ModelingAuer, Arthur
Learning about the World Through Modeling Sculptural Ideas for School & HomeAuer, Arthur
Life is the CurriculumAldinger, Cynthia
Life is the CurriculumAldinger, Cynthia
Machine Embroidery for Special OccasionsHinds, Joan
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar ChidlrenRiggs, Ransom
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar ChidlrenRiggs, Ransom
Mommy BrainEllison, Katherine
More Polar MagicCornwell, Nancy
Movement for the Young ChildBryer, Estelle
Nature CornerVan Leeuwen, M.
NaturopathyMitchell, Stewart
Navigating the Terrain of ChildhoodPetrash, Jack
Nokken, A Garden for ChildrenHeckman, Helle
Nurturing PotentialBoogerd, Cornelis
One Potato, Two PotatoKnapp, Mary and Herbert
Organizational IntegrityFinser Ph.D, Torin M.
Painting in Waldorf EducationBruin, Dick; Lichthart, Altie
123 MagicPhelan, Thomas
Parenting as PeopleKane, Franklin
Perennial Plant ListGreenery, Dearmoun
Peter Rabbit Natural Food CodebookDobrin, Arnold
Piaget SamplerCampbell, Sarah
Rainbow Puppet Theater BookBryer, Estelle
Renewal Magazine Fall/Winter 2006
Renewal Magazine Spring/Summer 2007
Renewal Magazine Spring/Summer 2009
Research BulletinSpring 2007
Resources for EducatorsSpring 2014
Revewal MagazineFall/Winter 2005
Rhythm and MovementFindlay, Elsa
Rudolf Steiner, Journey of a Grail KnightWhitehead, Alan
School Rediness TodayGeotheanum Wecan
School Rediness TodayGeotheanum Wecan
See What I Saw
Seven Times the SunDarian, Shea
Sign Language and Hearing ChildrenRogers, Janelle
Simple Foods for the PackKinmont, Vikki
Simplicity ParentingJohn Payne, Kim
Skill with PeopleGiblin, Les
Slow ParentingHeckman
Slow ParentingHeckman
Slow ParentingHeckman
Smart Medicine for a Healthier ChildZand, Janet
String GamesDarsie, Richard
Super-cute DoorstopsHardy, Emma
The Child Birth to Three in Waldorf Education and Child CarePatzlaff, Rainer; McKeen, Claudia; Mackensen, Inavon; Grah-Wittich, Claudia
The Creative FamilyAmanda Blake Soule
The Developing Child: The First Seven Years
The Fairy- Land of ScienceBuckley Annabella
The Festival of StonesPown, Reg
The Foundations of Haman ExperienceSteiner, Rudolf
The Golden PathWhitehead, Alan
The Incredible Clay BookHaab, Sherri; Torres, Laura
The Logic of ActionHawkins, Frances
The Mothers AlmanacKelly, Marguerite
The Organic Gardens Handbook of Natural Insect and Disease ControlEllis, Barbara; Bradley, Fern Marshall
The Out-of-Sync ChildKranowitz, Carol
The Spiritual Tasks of the Homemaker x 2Schmidt-Brabant, Manfred
The Waldorf Kindergarten Suzcle BookHildreth, Lisa
The Winter SolsticeMatthews, John
The Young Child in the World Today
TheosophySteiner, Rudolf
Touchstones Vol 2Nodelman, Perry
Toymaking with ChildrenJaffke, Freya
Trailing Clouds of GloryL'Engle, Madeline
Understanding Children's DrawingsMalchiodi, Cathy, Williams, Lawrence
Understanding Young ChildrenSteiner, Rudolf
Understanding your Child's TemperamentWilliams, Lawrence
Vaccine guideNeustaeoter, Randall
Vegitarian Mother and Baby BookEllict, Rose
Waldorf Reading for HomeschoolersDewey M.S., Barbara S.
What is a Waldorf KindergartenWhat to do when your child is bored
What is Waldorf EducationSagarin Phd, Stephen Keith
What to do When your Child is BoredWilliams, Lawrence
Wildflowers Hang the Alaska HwyPratt, Verna B
Wonder of Lullabies (CD)Schunenmann, Mary
Working with Anxious, Nervous, and Depressed ChildrenKohler, Henning
Your are Your Child's First TeacherBaldwin-Dancy, Rahima
Your Eight Year OldBates-Ames, Louise
Your Five Year OldBates-Ames, Louise
Your Four Year OldBates-Ames, Louise
Your One Year OldBates-Ames, Louise
Your Reincarnating ChildChilds, Gilbert and Sylvia
Your Seven Year OldBates-Ames, Louise
your Six Year OldBates-Ames, Louise
Your Three Year OldBates-Ames, Louise
Your Two Year OldBates-Ames, Louise