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Summer Camp Details:

Camps are 9am to 1pm Monday thru Friday. Before & aftercare is available. Camps are divided into a younger (The Roots) and older (The Shoots) group. The Roots are ages 3 to 5 and will be in our main pre-school classroom. The Shoots are ages 6 and older and will be in our yurt.

All children should bring a weekly piece of fruit to share and daily lunch.

Our camps model the daily rhythm of Waldorf Education that includes “in” and “out breaths.” We will have an “in breath” with a focused activity in the mornings followed by an “out breath” of relaxed free play and fun. Below are examples of a typical daily and weekly schedule:

Ages 3-5 (The Roots)
9:00AMOutside Play
10:30AmFruit Snack
12:45PMReady for Pickup/Cozy
Ages 6 and Older (The Shoots)
10:30AMFruit Snack
11:00AMOutside Play
12:45PM Ready for Pickup/Quiet Time

On Wednesdays, the Roots will enjoy a nature walk on campus while the Shoots will load up after fruit snack to enjoy a local hike at one of the MatSu trails or play time at a local park. Other outings will be planned over the summer to correspond with different camps. Fridays, the Shoots will enjoy their lunch at the Friday Fling while listening to local music.

2021 Summer Camp Sessions

Summer Camp starts Tuesday June 1, 2021. Below is a list of our summer camps. All summer camps will be 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Half-time and full-time care for children 3 and over includes summer camp. Aftercare is available. Please refer to handbook for cost. Our hours of operation are 7am to 5:30pm M-F.

Date:Theme:2 day (M-T):3 day (M-W or W-F):5 day camp:Deposit:
June 1-4Garden Camp$83N/A$164 (4 day)$25
June 7-11Garden Art$83$124$195$25
June 14-18Theater$83$124$195$25
June 21-25Teddy Bear$83$124$195$25
June 28 - July 1Fish / Water$83$124$195$25
July 6-9Craft$83N/A$164 (4 day)$25
July 12-16Paint & Woodwork$83$124$195$25
July 19-23Fiber Arts$83$124$195$25
July 26-30Fairy & Gnome$83$124$195$25
August 2-6Animal Tracks$83$124$195$25
August 9-13Outdoor Week$83$124$195$25